WLM Diva – Two Models, Two Perspectives

For our article about the WLM Diva’s, I asked our Melbourne representative to share his thoughts on the WLM Diva Monitors and I would then add my input about the WLM Diva Floorstanders. There are only a couple of reviews in English about these great speakers so we really wanted to share our thoughts on what we think is a very under appreciated speaker. Read the rest of this entry »

The Trafomatic Aries

It started innocently enough… there I was reading the review by 6moons about the new Trafomatic Audio Kaivalya tube amps when Srajan wrote that people should really talk to amp designers to build something specifically for them. Well that idea wouldn’t leave me alone. Read the rest of this entry »

The Principles of WLM La Scalas

Sometimes a product comes along and positions itself as a no compromise solution between solid engineering principles, old world craftsmanship and a balance on the right end of the money scales. This is what the WLM La Scala’shave presented themselves to be for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Trafomatic Experience Two, 300B Integrated Amplifier

Ah… the 300B tube. Most revered by tube loving audiophiles where the use of words such as magical and mesmerising get thrown around so often you wonder if this type of amp is some sort of be all and end all in the holy grail of audio amplifiers for those seeking the magic touch of liveliness in their music. Read the rest of this entry »