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Boenicke Audio W5 Mini Monitors


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Speaker Version

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Product Description

Please welcome the new W5 by Boenicke Audio – the world’s most advanced mini monitor.

This little beast of a bass driver is capable of 16 mm linear excursion. You have to hear to believe how much punchy bass it can generate from a 2.8 L volume.

Custom-made spring suspension effectively isolates W5 from your desktop, improving midrange lucidity, airiness and       distortion figures.

Walk around the speakers and you still get it all: Our miniature ambient tweeter features an excellent off-axis response.

For this reason, the W5 has an excellent polar diagram – which is crucial for breathtaking sound staging capabilities.

Premium class WBT Next Gen binding posts.

The special edition version is to be used in large rooms for additional bass output.  Please contact us to discuss what your requirements will be.

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