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Boenicke Audio W8

With the introduction of the W5 a new series of Boenicke Audio speakers evolved.  Greater affordability, amazing performance.  Scaling up the very successful recipe of the W5 two-way mini, the W8 gets the same 3″ wideband tweeter/mid on a 1st-order high pass, a larger rear-firing ambient dome tweeter, a dedicated 4″ 1st-order low-passed paper-cone midrange and a sidefiring long-throw 6.5″ woofer in a curved rear-line loading arrangement tuned to 28Hz without a crossover. The W8 also gets an optional customized version of Boenicke’s SwingBase whereby the rear of the speaker is wire-suspended off the floor to decouple rather than couple, with the front decoupled by a ceramic roller bearing.

The W8 is offered in three versions, standard, SE and SE+. All share 87dB sensitivity and a nominal 4-ohm impedance. The SE version adds an electromechanical parallel resonator to the bass/midrange, Harmonix Tuning Bases to the widebander, Bybee Quantum Purifiers and a proprietary phase linearisation network. The SE+ version adds Stage II type electromechanical series resonators to all three drivers, a parallel resonator to the woofer and a Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature module.

The standard versions can be order directly from our web site.  Before ordering the special editions please contact us to discuss.


Sensitivity: 87 dB / watt / m

Nom. impedance: 4 ohms (SE versions drop to 2 ohms above 10 kHz. As there is little current flowing there, this is not a problem for most amplifiers).

Standard Version

– 6.5″ long throw bass driver, tuned to 28 Hz, running without crossover

– 4″ paper cone bass-midrange driver, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, apple tree phase plug, maple wood cone mounted to magnet.

– 3″ widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique electromechanical parallel resonator installed.

– Internal wiring orientation-optimised silk-wrapped high-frequency stranded litz

– WBT NextGen binding posts

– Rear ambient tweeter


SE Version

– Added electromechanical parallel resonator to bass-midrange

– Added Harmonix Tunin Bases to widebander

– Added Bybee Quantum Purifiers

– Added proprietary phase linearisation network


SE+ Version

– Added electromechanical series resonators to all 3 drivers, added parallel resonator to bass driver, all parallel and series resonators of STAGE II type

– Added Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature



Choose from walnut, oak, ash tree and cherry.

Rollerbearing coming with both steel and ceramic ball.


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