Trafomatic Audio

One of the web’s leading reviewers (along with many others) makes the observation that 80% of a tube amps sound is related to the quality of the transformer. Sasa himself says “It’s all in the iron.”

This gives Trafomatic a serious advantage. Trawl through the web and a consistent description of Sasa surfaces: “Sasa lives, eats and breathes transformers.”

What does that mean? Most of us when we drift of to sleep, lie there thinking about our next holiday, the promotion we deserve, what we are going to do on the weekend, or what our next audio purchase will be. Normal stuff. Sasa goes to bed with new schematics floating around in his head, with various adjustments he will try in the winding of a transformer for his latest project. You get the idea: dedicated beyond the norm.

That dedication however is good news for us because the resultant amps defy the general criticisms leveled at those glowing bottles. Whilst adding the fluidity and tone color of valves, Trafomatic manages to keep the low-level resolution, drive, bass control, speed and clarity that valves often end up sacrificing. Trafomatic amps don’t sound like traditional valve amps and they suffer no weaknesses.

Trafomatic makes great amps. Whether the configuration be push-pull triode, single-ended, ultra-linear or pentode, all will have in common one thing: outstanding sound and great value.