Trafomatic Aries

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Product Description

Like the Trafomatic Aries integrated began life as a custom commission. Unlike the other custom commissions that Trafomatic had carried out this one was built specifically for us.  I had read a review from 6moons about how the Kaivalyas came into being.  I was inspired to ask whether Trafomatic could design  a low-power amplifier which we could bundle with the Hoyt Bedford line of single-driver speakers.  Their sensitivity requires little power.  Their value pricing asked for an equally affordable but quality amplifier. Thus was born the Trafomatic Audio Aries.

The Aries is a class A single-ended triode circuit with one EL34 driven by half an ECC81 double triode per channel.  There are three inputs and one pre-out to support a subwoofer.  The standard finish is white lacquer however other custom finishes are available at extra cost.  Supplied with remote control as standard.


“The Aries/HB Type 2 provided the single most j-awe-dropping listening experience of recent months….Smug pleasure is knowing that some SET purists will lift their noses at this EL34 design. As is just, such snobbery has a payoff. Some common SET complaints aren’t as pronounced with the Trafomatic Aries. Overt lushness/romance, one-note bass, they just don’t present themselves. With this pairing, Chochos takes you into the belly of the song, Cokic lights the match to illuminate what lies within. The Serb’s southpaw stance of keen pricing and legato personality with the Hoyt Bedfords packs a serious one-two. Get up after that.”

John Darko – 6Moons

Additional Information

Output power2 x 6W
Class of operationSingle-ended class A
Tubes complement2 x EL34, 1 x ECC81
Inputs3 x RCA inputs
Outputs8 ohms speaker terminals and RCA preout
Input sensitivity0.85Vrms
Manufacturers Web
THD1.55% - 1W
Bandwidth10Hz (-2dB) to 40KHz (-3dB)
S/N ratio88dB
Input impedance100K
Power consumption130VA
Dimensions220mm wide x 350mm long x 200mm high