Trafomatic Head Two

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Product Description

Sasa Cokic is up to it again.  More circuits, better solutions, and in this case, his reference effort for driving headphones.  The Head Two will drive any dynamic headphone on the market and offers impedance matching to boot. This unit has balanced ins and outs, as well as single ended connections.  It also has the wonderful attribute of being a damn fine preamp.
The Head 2 use ECC88 on the input and 2 6N30P output tubes on the output. One set per channel. They are transformer coupled in push pull triode.

It has 2W into 50ohms with balancedand rca inputs and outputs….that’s tremendous drive. It also acts as a fully balanced tube preamp.  RCA output is 6ohms and Balanced at 25.

A steal at the asking price.

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