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Trafomatic Premise

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Product Description

After Trafomatic released the Kaivalya monblock amplifiers, we asked Trafomatic for an integrated stereo version with remote control.  For some of our customer they loved the sound of the Kaivalya’s but didn’t want to dedicate themselves to a preamp and two monoblocks.  While they loved the sound of the Aries there wasn’t anything in between that had the refinement and speed of the Kaivalya’s.

Retaining the Kaivalya’s class A p/p output stage around a quartet of EL84/6BQ5 per channel driven from an ECC81, the Premise merely omits the complex and costly interstage transformer of the monos. With three inputs and 20 watts of minimum feedback tube power, the Premise not only inherits the white lacquer finish of the Kaivalya but the lion’s share of its sonics.

To further the development of the Premise we can now offer a fourth input that allows the amp to be run as a dedicated power amp.  This allows you to upgrade at a later date so that you can use a dedicated preamp or if available use the volume control through your source.

While the Kaivalya’s will always be a personal favourite of mine, the Premise delivers on a cost / performance ratio that is impossible to beat.  Having the ability to switch between ultralinear mode and triode gives me the flexibility to find a musical presentation that suits my mood and the type of music I am listening to.

Additional Information

Output power2 x 20W
Class of operationPush pull class A Triode / Ultralinear Mode
Tubes complement8 x EL84, 2 x ECC81
Inputs3 x RCA inputs
Outputs4 and 8 ohms speaker
Input sensitivity0.85Vrms
Manufacturers Web
THD0.25% x 1W / 1KHz
Bandwidth10Hz (-1dB) to 50KHz (-3dB)
S/N ratio88dB
Input impedance100K
Power consumption250VA
Dimensions430mm wide x 290mm deep x 190mm high