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WLM Bass Control


Product Description

The WLM Bass Control will enable you to regulate the joint operation of main speakers and subwoofer.  Its main purpose is the perfect integration of the subwoofer in the overall sound reproduction.  A subwoofer that is not in perfect tune with the main speakers will jeopardize the reproduction of music and can be one of the biggest downfalls of system integration.

To achieve the objective of perfect integration of the two speaker systems, the active Bass Control module lets you adjust volume and cut-off frequency levels separately.

An additional, very useful feature of Bass Control is the regulation of the bass contour to the prevailing room acoustics.  This is carried out with the equalize control.  With this adjustment you are able to tune the Duo subwoofer within your system. You may choose and set the preferred characteristics of your bass reproduction: you may prefer a slim, dry, fast bass or do you want to support you main speakers by fuller, warmer and more emotional low frequencies?

The WLM Bass Control gives you the flexibility to achieve the best bass producing system for you and your room.

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