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Product Description

The WLM Diva is a speaker concept built for the music lover.  It is no surprise that this is WLM’s most popular speaker.  From the beginning WLM set themselves a budget which would allow them to produce a speaker that is affordable but at the same time carry the unmistakable WLM characteristics.

This WLM-Speaker redefines the ways of musical reproduction by the functioning of the driver set-up (Coaxial Concept); thus redefining the standards in its class and even beyond that.

The back-to-back mounting of the two drivers on a common functional axle enabled WLM to stay within the budgetary limits and at the same time to reach unprecedented tonal results; thus offering a different and extremely interesting access to musical enjoyment.  Through the direct and focused emission of the signal the listener is put closer to the essential core of the music.

Structure and functioning

The cabinet, built in the best tradition of Austrian craftsmanship with 22 mm thick MDF-boards has solid timber bracing for increased stability and resonance reduction.

The DIVA is offered in 4 attractive real timber veneers Maple, Cherry,  Zebrano and Alpi-Makassar with optional finishes of Tineo, and the highly decorative Makassar.

The concentric twin-driver assembly consists of a medium/low chassis on to which the super tweeter is mounted. In a 2-way principle the 2 drivers are emitting the signal in perfect focus from a single point source.

Similar to the higher WLM models the main chassis has a hard paper cone with textile cone edge. Its notable diameter is 254 mm.

Like the other WLM speakers, the Diva terminal is equipped with a useful tweeter control. Through this sensible adjustment of the high frequencies the listener can set the DIVA to match room acoustics with the special characteristics of his chain and/or his personal tastes.

The cross-over of minimalist design is built with very selective components; the high quality, strong WBT clamps (single wiring) take any type of cable end: banana, forked shoes, crimped ends.

The speaker is supplied with specially made M8 stainless steel spikes, for easy height adjustment and perfect decoupling from the ground.

Sound characteristics

The Diva is a ready proof that set economical limits, can necessitate technical solutions which in return lead to unexpected results.

The concentration on a coaxial chassis arrangement for a new way of sound reproduction is setting new standards.

“There are no longer listening detours”, the music is reaching the listener without time lag in the most direct and in an astonishingly natural and organic way.

The specially matched twin chassis are capable of extremely high dynamics, ready to take forceful impulses and tuned for an emotional flow of the music.

Having an efficiency factor of 97 dB, the Diva can be considered to be highly sensitive. This property plus its reliability and long life expectancy make the Diva a universal speaker ready for any type of application.

To the demanding listener the Diva is delivering a very well balanced sound picture, homogeneous over the entire frequency spread; not to forget its spontaneous, very precise, powerful and unbelievably quick bass reproduction. Like the well reputed WLM-PAC speakers, the DIVA is building a 3-dimensional imaging of similar extensions.

The neutral sound pitch makes the DIVA an interesting candidate for many types of use. It is not at all demanding regarding amplification, even though especially keen to show its sensitive response capabilities when matched with tube amps. In addition, due to its coaxial type of emission, positioning in the room is a simple and easy matter.

These characteristics together with its attractive pricing and time-less design designate the Diva as “partner for a life time”, an investment to be amortized over many years of joyful listening.

In short: the concentration on a cost-efficient driver principle has brought about a technical solution worth listening to.


If you like a speaker that sounds a bit forward, or subdued, or “honky” or “boomy” or other very distinguishing characteristics, the Divas are not for you. They are for folks who appreciate the unadulterated sound and timbre of a Stradivarius violin or an Amati bass; or the signature sound of a certain model Gibson guitar; or the sound of a Steinway piano. The Divas own “signature sound” is best described as organic—natural, not artificial or man-made. These loudspeakers do not get in the way of the music they are asked to reproduce.  The Inner Ear Magazine

WLM have forged their way into my hardened audiophile heart with solid musical understanding.  Transparent tone, impacting dynamics with refinement and articulation.  These are speakers for everyday.  I never tire of hearing them.  WLM have achieved something very special with these speakers.  With the combined use of the tweeter control and the Diva control there is very little music that I don’t get maximum enjoyment out of.  After all, isn’t this passion about getting the most enjoyment from music.  For many audiophiles this love for music has sadly become completely forgotten in the pursuit for a technical perfection that doesn’t exist.  Tony Schmidt – Audio Addiction


Additional Information

Frequency Range33Hz - 25Hz
Impedance8 ohms
Drivers2 way co-axial, 10" paper medium / woofer wih concentricly mounted super tweeter
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 Metre)97dB
Recommended Amp Power5 to 250 Watts
Wiring MethodSingle WBT terminals
Dimensions1100mm high x 265mm wide x 300mm deep
Weight26kg ea
Manufacturers Web Sitewww.wlm-loudspeakers.com