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WLM Diva Control


Product Description

The WLM Diva Control allows you the flexibility to change the bass contour of the WLM Diva or Diva Monitor.

Depending on the volume of playback, our biological roll off of the lower octaves effects the overall performance and enjoyment we are able to get from our system.

WLM puts the control into your hands so that you get the most out of the WLM Diva speakers.  Operating completely in the analog domain allows  for quick and easy adjustment of the bass response.

By inserting the Diva Control between your source and amplifier you now have the control to adjust the bass to suit your room, your mode and your music selection.  Once this type of flexibility has been experienced it is impossible to go back to fixed systems ever again.

This is a must have item to get the best from the Diva speakers.

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