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WLM Duo 12

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Product Description

The WLM Duo subwoofer will enhance your listening pleasure greatly by expanding the performance of bass. Bass is utterly important to improve soundstage depth, realism and to further the emotional listening experience.

Main speakers often lack bass due to limitations of enclosure size, performance of bass drivers, lack of amplification control and most importantly, the inability to place main speakers properly for optimal bass performance. Room resonances in the bass range (at your listening position) often worsen bass performance. Even though your main speakers are placed correctly concerning midrange and tweeter dissipation, they are often in the wrong position for optimal bass dissipation.

The Duo subwoofer can be placed in a different location to your main speakers and this is vital towards improved bass performance. Further the Duo can be equalized and phased in such a way, that sonic integration exceeds the sonic integration of bass of any main speakers!

In order to realize optimal sonic integration of the Duo, we consider it mandatory to control your bass amplifier with the WLM Bass Control unit or with the controls provided in your BASH plate amplifier (integrated in the Active Duo models).

With most types of main speakers we highly recommend to cut their bass response at a frequency of 80 – 90Hz and below. In order to do this, we recommend using the WLM Passive Control unit or Cut Box.  Both control units can be used either for passive Duo’s (driven by a separate power amplifier) or active Duos (with integrated BASH plate amplifier).

It is recommendable however to contact us to assist you during the purchasing process.

Design Features

Unlike most subwoofer designs, the DUO provides a number of unique design features:

  • 2 drivers are arranged in a push-pull configuration on top and bottom of a sealed enclosure. This provides optimal bass dissipation and annihilates any vibration or compression.
  • The drivers are high performance professional types comprising paper cones and large magnets, leading to an efficiency of 100dB/1Wm.
  • Depending on proper amplification, the drivers work with enormous precision and produce massive sound waves at low stroke of the large membranes.
  • Duo subwoofers are available in 12″ and 18″


Once you experience what it can do though – today and tomorrow and the day after when an album or mood or room or new component might warrant a minor or major tailoring of your overall system voicing: or you plain get bored with the sound – it could well change your perspective on what’s important in audio and how to go about it.  Srajan Ebaen – 6moons


Additional Information

Drivers2 x 12" Vertically Opposed
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 Metre)100dB
Power Handling


Impedance4 Ohms
Dimensions800mm high x 360mm wide x 360mm deep
Manufacturers Web Sitewww.wlm-loudspeakers.com