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Product Description

After the outstanding success of the original Gran Viola range the team at WLM further pushed for even greater musical and emotional production.  This was achieved with the new Gran Viola Monitor MKII and Gran Viola MKII

Open your mind

Music and nothing else around you, when did you feel the urge to treat and enjoy yourself in this way the last time?

Are you capable to totally immerge in music in a way that everything else is miles away?

Do you get shivers along your back when listening to music?

When this “sounds” strange to you or is describing experiences from way back in the past, then, provided you are willing and ready, the Gran Viola Monitor MKII could open new roads of musical enjoyment and recreation.


The reference speaker Gran Viola MKII is marking the top of the WLM line. Compared to the smaller sisters, the box volume and wall thickness are enlarged. Following similar simple blue prints, however trying to improve on details, an unusual speaker was born, almost impossible to judge with the usual criteria. Its exceptional sound capabilities are not achieved by complex technical solutions or exaggerated use of material. Thanks to the simple and convincing WLM-concept the Gran Viola MKII is made to master any kind of music and can not be disturbed by any sudden musical impulse or the most difficult dynamics.


The larger box is made from multiple layer real wood (birch) in a wall thickness of 25 mm and crafted by masters of the Austrian wood working tradition. Additional reinforcements will eliminate resonance of the housing and the smallest urge to vibrate.

This extremely stable box is a perfect support for the heavy and strong driver (10″ diameter).

The waves can thus get clear of the solid box even faster. Besides its exceptional impulse characteristics the speaker can also produce sounds in the finest range of shades and detail.

The Gran Viola MKII can be supplied as a speaker for active or passive operation. Subsequent changing of modes through up- or down-grading is not possible.

As an option, the passive Gran Viola MKII can be equipped with the very useful Passive Control feature. It allows adjustments of the medium/low frequencies to the prevailing room acoustics and individual preference of sound.

Function and characteristics

Offering the unusual sensitivity of 98dB/1W, the Gran Viola MKII is not demanding amplifiers of big power. More attention should however be paid to the quality of the signal provided.

The universal (active) Gran Viola MKII can show its full potential when operated together with the external WLM filter module System Control. Via this tool the listener can adjust the sound reproduction directly to the prevailing room acoustics and to the individual preference of music, flexibly and comfortably (via the optional remote control).

A description of the Gran Viola’s performance seems superfluous the minute you are listening to it. You replay music with bravura and even more emotional commitment, as only the most perfect instruments are able to do.

You hear full midths with fine and distinct contours, a prerequisite for good sound reproduction; complemented by perfectly controlled lows, foundation and base for the dancing silky highs. The entire sound image is homogeneous and coherent. Stage is easily discernable in all 3 dimensions alike – you are getting new insights into the space of the recording and discover new colour shades and passages of until now unheard detail of resolution. New layers of music will emerge, indiscernible so far. And the most amazing of this very emotional sound reproduction: there seems to be ample time to bring out all the new and most minute details of information, in such density to fill large halls. In a given time you are actually hearing more, with added pleasure and growing satisfaction.

You now will be able to enjoy music again even at low volumes, shivers on you back will be a common experience again.

This high class speaker is working effortlessly, with the coolness and steadiness of a dinosaur.

Nothing will disturb it, no tight rope walking of an system overloaded with complex technique.

You may tap its superb musical performance whenever wanted, in the most versatile way. You will be setting the rules of the game and the good-natured Gran Viola MKII will follow you, without however leaving any doubt about its latent temperamental talents.

The Gran Viola MKII is granting strain free musical pleasures away from the hectic and enervating chores of the day, entertainment pure, cure for the worn individual.

The magic Gran Viola MKII is able to take you away on a wellness trip of a special sort, recreation of the mind, massage for the soul.

The Gran Viola MKII comes standard with the Super PAC Tweeter System.

Additional Information

Frequency Range25Hz* to 25KHz (*with Passive and System Control)
DriversSuper PAC Tweeter System, 255mm paper mid/bass driver, 210mm passive radiator
Impedance8 ohms
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 Metre)98dB
Recommended Amp Power3.5 to 200 Watt
Wiring MethodBi-Wiring
Dimensions595mm high x 265mm wide x 330mm deep
Weight16.5kg ea
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