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Product Description

This new entry speaker from WLM incorporates a more traditional design that will become a stirring star of unheard qualities the minute it is starting its musical performance. Its sound reproduction abilities are uncommon for speakers in this price category and even at much higher price levels. Without respect for big names, it is performing with charm and verve that is without equal.  When these comparatively small speakers are playing, one is expecting much bigger units. After its arrival on the scene the speaker ranking in this price category will have to be redefined.  Besides the superb sound reproduction qualities, the La Scala or La Scala Monitor is offering a lot of very practical user benefits.

Structure and Functioning
As a genuine 2-way system the LA SCALA has 2 stiff paper cone drivers receiving their respective signal from a purist cross-over.  The bass reflex opening invisible below for an easy spread is supporting its sound reproduction characteristics and is also simplifying placement of this speaker in a given room.  The flawless case in superior finish is made by Austrian wood working masters; it’s carrying massive braces inside to suppress the least intention for resonances.  For reasons of economy WLM is offering only one timber finish (European Cherry). By contrast to the natural timber, the attractive front panel is showing a silky black finish. The connection terminal has strong insulated
single-wiring binding clamps (for banana, spades or crimped wire ends).  The TWEETER CONTROL feature can prove useful to adjust the high frequency performance of the speaker to suit individual taste and/or room acoustics.
Optionally available is a black textile front cover (surcharge).

Sound reproduction
The description of its sound reproduction qualities will leave the most demanding musical lovers in a big dilemma, since the LA SCALA is shattering the usual criteria of judgement in its price category and that of much higher price levels.
It is able to deliver detail in the finest resolution, fully transparent and in widespace, in a continuous and harmonious
flow from the top highs down to the clearly contoured full bass; and the best of it all: every bit is reproduced in a highly
musical and emotional manner. Voices and instruments are distinctly identifiable, as if placed in front of the listener.
It will be difficult to find a speaker that will put itself in the service of music as readily as the LA SCALA.  Connection and placing of the LA SCALA will prove to be a very simple exercise; easier than with most other speakers. Right from the start they will play and perform at a very high musical level.  Another benefit: the LA SCALA will accommodate with just about any type of room. Besides not being demanding on room positioning these new speaker stars will perform without need for bass equalization or any other electronic support.

Monitor or Column Speaker?
Since the difference in price of the La Scala Monitor + stand compared to the column version of La Scala is
rather small, the choice of one or the other will be based on the customers preference.  The column version has the larger volume, the higher efficiency (93 dB) and will be more at ease in larger rooms.  The MONITOR (efficiency of 91 dB) is ideal for smaller rooms, capable of a livelier and quicker performance.  At the end the choice will be up to the
listener’s taste and individual preference.

Choice of veneer finish
For the purpose of shorter delivery cycles and for reasons of basic cost, WLM is offering the LA SCALA range in European Cherry veneer finish with a full front always in the silky black finish or in a stained black wood finish.

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