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Product Description

WLM La Scalas redefine high performance and value

Available as monitors or floor-standing towers, WLM La Scalas deliver a sonic presentation that has the power to captivate, with:

  • A large and transparent soundstage, so speakers “disappear” from your listening room
  • A focused image, where vocalists and instruments are distinctly identifiable, as if placed on a stage in front of you
  • Cohesive tone and timber, from the highest frequencies down to the clearly articulated bass
  • A highly musical and emotional presentation that draws you into the music



  • Fine-quality Austrian craftsmanship
  • Natural European cherry veneer
  • Real hardwood internal bracing with internal cabinet resonance control


  • Lightweight paper cones with stiff suspension, designed to faithfully respond to incoming musical signals and engineered for long life expectancy
  • Matching cone material used in both drivers, resulting in a highly cohesive presentation across the musical spectrum
  • Powerful, high-performance magnets, maximizing the drivers ability to accurately reproduce the original musical source


  • Carefully-selected, premium parts
  • Minimalist design, so fewer electronic parts come between you and your music, resulting in:
    • Improved sound quality
    • Greater efficiency, so you can select your amplifier based on sound quality rather than being forced to chase raw power just to bring your speakers to life
  • Point-to-point wiring for all crossover components (no printed circuit boards), resulting in a larger soundstage and increased transparency

WLM Tweeter Control

Tweeter Control, located on rear-panel, allowing you to fine-tune the tweeter’s volume level to suit your room acoustics, electronic components and listening preferences

Speaker Posts

  • Heavy-duty, gold-plated speaker posts
  • Designed to accept bare wire, banana plugs or spade lugs

Bass Tuning-Ring System (Floor-standing model only)

  • Bass reflex port on speaker bottom
  • Included “Bass Tuning Rings” allow you to decrease port diameter, in turn reducing bass output
  • Like the Tweeter Control, Bass Tuning Rings allow for fine-tuning of the response curve to suit your room acoustics (especially useful for small listening rooms), electronic components and listening preferences

Speaker Floor Spikes (Floor-standing model only)

  • Four supplied spikes per speaker, decouple speaker cabinets from the floor, minimizing sound-degrading cabinet / floor vibrations
  • Adjustable spike length, allow for adjustments in the distance between bass port and your floor, enabling additional fine-tuning of bass response

Additional Information

Frequency Range40Hz - 25KHz
Impedance8 ohms
Drivers64mm paper cone tweeter and 210mm paper cone medium/low
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 Metre)91dB
Recommended Amp Power7 to 200 watts
Wiring MethodSingle WBT terminals
Dimensions500mm high x 256mm wide x 273mm deep
Weight12kg ea
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