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Product Description

WLM Lyra – Entry to WLM’s PAC Technology

Based on the same WLM concept as the Gran Viola Series, the LYRA shows no apparent difference to the bigger sisters of the WLM family. It marks the entry level of the WLM Reference and Signature ranges, ideal for those having smaller budgets, however wanting a no compromise access to the ambitious WLM world.

The major difference between the Gran Viola Series and the Lyra is down to the selection of drivers.  The standard LYRA contains the standard PAC system that can be upgraded to the Super-PAC system combined with the mid/bass drivers and cross-over have been selected to compliment the LYRA cabinet size.

The WLM LYRA is a perfectly functioning, no-compromise passive speaker (with the ability to upgrade to active), making it a worthy member of the WLM family.


The box is built in one piece, using MDF boards of 20 mm thickness, with additional inner reinforcements, resulting in a very stable structure, free of resonance and solid base for the strong drivers.

The unique PAC-Tweeter assembly, a very important functional element of the WLM Speakers, are placed on top of the speaker housing for improved stage-like wave emitting and to avoid interference with the mid/bass driver. In addition to the functional drivers, (only) the LYRA has a passive membrane, offering the speaker an audible and appreciable extension of the low frequencies.

The LYRA housing has a practical hidden bass reflex opening below, spreading the signal evenly to all sides. The built-in filter is ready to also take bi-wiring connection to the amplifier via the sturdy WBT connectors (Banana or forked shoes).

As an option the LYRA can be equipped with the very useful PASSIVE CONTROL feature. It allows adjustments of the medium/low frequencies to the prevailing room acoustics and individual preference of sound.

Functioning and quality of sound reproduction

The choice and combination of the components in a more traditional technique is resulting in a loudspeaker having a sensitivity of 98 dB/1W, able to reproduce any given source very authentically with great precision. The very coherent sound, building on a fully spread foundation of midrange and bass, is complemented by very fine branches of highs.

The capability to build up stages in 3-dimensional directions, particularly due to the unique PAC-technology, is unusual in this price category.

Additional Information

Frequency Range25Hz* to 25KHz (*with Passive and System Control)
DriversSuper PAC Tweeter System, 255mm paper mid/bass driver, 210mm passive radiator
Impedance8 ohms
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 Metre)98dB
Recommended Amp Power3.5 to 200 Watt
Wiring MethodBi-Wiring
Dimensions595mm high x 265mm wide x 330mm deep
Weight16.5kg ea
Manufacturers Web Sitewww.wlm-loudspeakers.com