WLM Passive Control
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WLM Passive Control


Product Description

How good are the acoustic properties of your listening room? Are you enjoying fairly neutral conditions, with no disturbing echoes?  Or do you encounter an excess degree of resonance, are you even fighting with roaring or muffled rebounds?
Also, is your chain reproducing the low frequencies in a satisfactory manner?
To enjoy undisturbed listening pleasure it is advisable to calibrate the sound of your recital to your individual listening preference and to the acoustics of your listening room.

In many cases undisturbed listening pleasure is possible only when you either improve the prevailing acoustics (a costly trial-and-error proposition) or when you are able to adjust the sound of your recital to the acoustics of your listening room.

For this purpose WLM is offering for the passive WLM speakers an extremely useful option: the Passive Control.
It allows the adjustment of the mid-range/bass frequencies of your audio chain to your liking and /or to the acoustic characteristics of your room. In addition, you have the possibility to extend the low frequencies emitted by the speaker further down.
Besides the reduction/elimination of the negative impacts encountered in a given room, the other audible benefits are: fuller, warmer sounds and an improved bass foundation.

If you are planning on building a WLM system that will involve a WLM subwoofer, the Passive Control provides the ability to provide the cut off point for the WLM Bass Control.  Please contact us to discuss these options.

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