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WLM Pre/Passive Control


Product Description

WLM have always aimed to achieve absolute perfection and to offer customers the best product possible.  This motivation has driven them to develop a unique preamp from both a technical and sonic point of view.  By combining the virtues of the passive control with a highly transparent preamp WLM have created a high functioning front end in a single chassis.
Like all of the WLM electronics they are hand crafted, piece by piece. The specially adapted electronics are the heart of music reproduction.  Sockets, connectors, switches and potentiometers, all of the best quality provide the basis for the perfect performance. The lay-out is made for an optimized signal flow from the inputs to the outputs. Its functional appearance is of timeless design, not following short-lived fashion.

The basic unit, a fully-fledged “passive” pre amp, has 3 line inputs and 3 special outputs. Fully relaxed, able to concentrate on the musical enjoyment, the volume of the music played can be adjusted via the infra-red RC to suit the listening at any given location.
This new form of a pre amp is offering a number of useful options:
• It directs the signal received 1 to 1, in an extreme purist way and practically loss-free to the amps.

• You may adjust the signal received in a part active way to your listening preference and/or to match the prevailing room conditions.

• For the operation with subwoofer you may split the signal up in the portions: low, medium and high and direct them thereafter to the corresponding amps, also in a part-active mode.

• This pre amp has been developed for the use with WLM loudspeakers. Its unique conception enables the PPC to function very well within any other quality chain.

The PPC is different from the other pre amps in many ways:
• The compact design
• The simple functioning and the variety of operational modes
• Optional: the comfortable RC for volume control and BC (BassControl)
• The use of high quality relays at the entry level (resulting in extremely short signal paths, minimizing losses)
• Selected components and superior purist lay-out for a long lasting and reliable operation.
With the listed characteristics the PPC will surpass the usual pre amp definition. Its additional functions make it a control instrument satisfying the highest level of demand regarding individual sound modulation.
• Continuous equalization of the low and switch-able equalization of the high frequencies.
• Bi-amping with separate adjustment of the high and medium/low frequencies.
• Harmonic wave function for the equalization of the distortion content (corresponding to a phase shifting of the tweeter)
• In all operation modes the MAIN output can be used for a multitude of adjustments of the WLM speakers, but also those of other makes.

Why adjustment?
It is known fact that hardly any loudspeaker is playing correctly over the entire frequency range; i.e. the passive WLM loudspeakers are working at high speeds, requiring electronic support due to their effective dampening and quick reacting elements (light membranes) in order to reproduce the low portions of a signal at similar quality and speed.
At the output MAIN OUT / LOW AMP the PPC can provide all the functions described above, i.e. the signal given at these exits can be adjusted in the lows as well as in the highs to match the acoustics of the room, taking into consideration the special characteristics of the speakers. Thus the frequency range reproduced by the speaker can be extended considerably. This advantage can be used not only in conjunction with WLM speakers; all other speakers, regardless of their origin and make can benefit from it.
These properties of the PPC excel the functions of the usual pre amps by far and will open a multitude of applications for the PPC.
The output PRE OUT LINEAR is purely passive, i.e. only the volume potentiometer and the line selection switch are part of this portion of the pre amp (no sound modulation is possible). This exit may be used for the connection of the WLM BASS CONTROL (BC).
The HARMONIC WAVE function can show its strength particularly well with high the performance tweeters of the WLM SIGNATURE series.  Distortions due to room acoustics can thus be overcome, the reproduction of the sensitive high frequencies, vital for the entire sound impression, is free of disturbances or interferences; the sound generated will be more natural, of better resolution and offering more detail.
Summing up
For the demanding hifi enthusiast the PPC is offering a multitude of options, its full extent will only be recognized step-by-step after trying the various applications.
The PPC is primarily a pre amp; in addition to this main function it offers to the committed music lover a wide variety of sound modulations for his chain, raising its level of performance to heights unknown until today.
The various elements of a chain will be better adjusted to each-other and the entire chain can be adapted to the prevailing room conditions smoothly and more easily. These objectives were in the past subject to having taken the proper purchasing decisions, depending also on measures of room improvement, corrections which usually are rather costly and not always sure of result.
For the reproduction of music this pre amp will prove to be a masterpiece: the sound is analytical and warm – even the darkest bass passages remain well contoured and dry. Listening to music will become an experience of exquisite enjoyment.
The PPC is showing a totally new and interesting path!

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