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Product Description

…extraordinary listening experience, made in Europe!

With the WLM Sonata stereo integrated tube amplifier we offer one very special integrated solution, capable of totally immerce into music in a way that everything else is miles away.  The Sonata was carefully designed and is manufactured to very high specifications making it a true audiophile product, to greatly enhance any high quality two-channel music
system by offering the listener an emotionally involving, natural, and effortless musical presentation.   The Sonata has excellent loudspeaker control and work well even with loudspeakers of lower efficiency.  The Sonata deserves to be used with high quality ancillary components and works particularly well with other WLM-ACOUSTICS range products.

All WLM ACOUSTICS amplifiers were carefully designed to be perfect sonic mates for the WLM-LOUDSPEAKER range products and of course are also explicit recommendations for all the other well conceived loudspeakers available.

Structure and Functioning
The Sonata stereo integrated tube amplifier is based on an EL34 push-pull design with great circuit integrity and superior transformer craft, running in pure class-A configuration up to 20 Watts of output power before changing into AB-mode up to 35 Watts of full output power.  The case is precision made from massive high-density plywood in the best tradition of Austrian craftsmanship and finished with a high quality black timber stain (please note Makassar veneer no longer available).  The engraved front plate and hole-pattern top plate are made of brushed stainless steel. Thus the overall appearance is very harmonic, both of traditional and modern design.  Together with the in-house advanced expertise in transformer manufacture and circuit design of the WLM-ACOUSTIC team, this cooperation reflects in a true “made in Europe”
origin and is a destination piece of exclusive tube audio.  Every Sonata stereo integrated tube amplifier is proudly hand-made and carefully tested, inspected and packaged before making its journey to our highly-valued and
satisfied customers. Sonata with gold-plated front- and top plates are available upon request (surcharge).
Sound Characteristics
The Sonata stereo integrated tube amplifier combines the finest sonic attributes of classic tube amplification such as midrange warmth, rich tonal character, smooth high frequency resolution and rock-solid bass response, realistic dynamic range and clarity to enhance the listener’s emotional involvement with the music.  That allows all the nuances of the music to emerge with remarkable coherence and integrity like finely tuned musical instruments.

Additional Information

Output power2 x 35W
Class of operationClass A - 20W, Class AB 20-35W
Tubes complement4 x EL34, 4 x ECC82
Inputs3 x RCA inputs
Outputs4 and 8 ohms speaker
Input sensitivity0.7V for full output
THD0.03% - 1W / 1KHz, 3% - 30W / 1KHz
Bandwidth10Hz (-1dB) to 60KHz (-3dB)
S/N ratio78dB
Input impedance100K
Power consumption200VA
Dimensions430mm wide x 290mm deep x 185mm high
Manufacturers Web Sitewww.trafomaticaudio.com