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Product Description

The WLM design team has successfully packaged La Scala’s highly acclaimed sonic signature in a smaller and less expensive offering – giving birth to the Stella. Available as floor-standers only, the Stella incorporates La Scala’s tweeter combined with a smaller version of La Scala’s mid / bass driver, so you can count on Stella’s to deliver:

Compact size coupled with a large and transparent soundstage, allowing them to disappear from your listening room

A focused image, where vocalists and instruments are distinctly identifiable, as if placed on a stage in front of you

Cohesive tone and timbre, from the highest frequencies down to the clearly articulated bass

A highly musical and emotional presentation that draws you into the music

Stellas are ideal for smaller rooms, but don’t let the small size fool you – they sound BIG and go deep!


– Fine-quality Austrian craftsmanship

– Choice of natural maple or black-stained maple veneers

– Real hardwood internal bracing with internal cabinet resonance control


– Lightweight paper cones with stiff suspension, designed to faithfully respond to incoming musical signals and engineered for long life expectancy

– Matching cone material used in both drivers, resulting in a highly cohesive presentation across the musical spectrum

– Powerful, high-performance magnets, maximizing the drivers ability to accurately reproduce the original musical source


– Carefully-selected, premium parts

– Minimalist design, so fewer electronic parts come between you and your music, resulting in:

– Improved sound quality

– Greater efficiency, so you can select your amplifier based on sound quality rather than being forced to chase raw power just to bring your speakers to life

– Point-to-point wiring for all crossover components (no printed circuit boards), resulting in a larger soundstage and increased transparency

WLM Tweeter Control

Tweeter Control, located on rear-panel, allows you to fine-tune the tweeter’s volume level to suit your room acoustics, electronic components and listening preferences

Speaker Posts

– Heavy-duty, gold-plated posts that support single or bi-wiring

– Designed to accept bare wire, banana plugs or spade terminals

Four supplied spikes per speaker, decouple speaker cabinets from the floor, minimizing sound-degrading cabinet / floor vibrations

Additional Information

Frequency Range35Hz - 25KHz
Impedance8 ohms

2.5" paper cone tweeter & 5" paper cone mid / bass

Sensitivity (1W / 1-Metre)



925mm x 170mm x 273mm


13.5kg per speaker

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