WLM Stella Signature

WLM Stella Signature




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Product Description

Many times music lovers want speakers that perform like large speakers and yet their room just can’t support the shear size of the speaker and the amount of air that they push. This is where the WLM Stella’s excel.

It is also where the Stella Signature does even better. If you are looking for a no compromise system for a small room than this could be the perfect place to start. It has all of the great features of the Stella and then improved to perform even better. The tweeter control is now a continuous pot in place of the stepped pot of the standard Stella. A redesigned cross-over has been used that takes advantage of using higher quality parts. Every speaker is built with some sort of target price in mind. By asking WLM to open up the budget they have been able to achieve results beyond our expectations.

This is one of my personal favourite speakers. For my small demo room, this speaker sings like no other. WLM have taken the standard Stella and given it an injection of extra life and cohesion. Greater musicality with fantastic accuracy and one of the most transparent mid-ranges you will ever find.


– Fine-quality Austrian craftsmanship

– Choice of natural maple or black-stained maple veneers

– Real hardwood internal bracing with internal cabinet resonance control


– Lightweight paper cones with stiff suspension, designed to faithfully respond to incoming musical signals and engineered for long life expectancy

– Matching cone material used in both drivers, resulting in a highly cohesive presentation across the musical spectrum

– Powerful, high-performance magnets, maximizing the drivers ability to accurately reproduce the original musical source


– Carefully-selected, premium parts

– Minimalist design, so fewer electronic parts come between you and your music, resulting in:

– Improved sound quality

– Greater efficiency, so you can select your amplifier based on sound quality rather than being forced to chase raw power just to bring your speakers to life

– Point-to-point wiring for all crossover components (no printed circuit boards), resulting in a larger soundstage and increased transparency

WLM Tweeter Control

Tweeter Control, located on rear-panel, allows you to fine-tune the tweeter’s volume level to suit your room acoustics, electronic components and listening preferences

Speaker Posts

– Heavy-duty, gold-plated posts that support single or bi-wiring

– Designed to accept bare wire, banana plugs or spade terminals

Four supplied spikes per speaker, decouple speaker cabinets from the floor, minimizing sound-degrading cabinet / floor vibrations

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