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WLM System Control

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Product Description

The musical signal to be reproduced consists of emotional and technical information. The emotional portion, embedded into the signal during the recording session, is relying on the best possible reproduction of the technical data to come alive again.
However, lots of technical barriers and impediments are hampering the conversion of the electrical signal into the perfectly audible (i.e. authentic) sound image; trying to overcome these hurdles may lead to the partial or total loss of the emotional content of a recording.

It is quite tempting to treat the signal received from the preamp to render the subsequent reproduction by the loudspeakers technically perfect, emotionally intact and musically authentic.
The active filter unit System Control is of modular design and can be used in a number of different loudspeaker configurations: with the usual passive speaker (covering the full frequency range) or with an active speaker (having no filter of its own), operated in direct control by the external filter or in a configuration of main speakers together with a dedicated sub-woofer (e.g. WLM Duo).
The signal coming from the pre-amp is given to the System Control for controlling the recital performance; from there to the amps and then to the loudspeakers.
Even though an additional link in the audio chain, the System Control is not impeding the signal’s strength and impulse. To the opposite, it is optimizing the yield from it. The listener can tailor-design “his” individual sound in the most flexible and comfortable way (e.g. via remote control, optional). With this tool he can overcome technical barriers or adverse effects of complex acoustics of his listening room; it will bring him closer to experiencing the entire and full content of recorded music.
WLM System Control is ”switching music on” in an unprecedented way and thus the listener himself to set out on a path to discover musical pleasures in an unknown quality.

There are three versions of the System Control available.

System Control IV consists of Power Supply Unit / High + Mid + Fullrange Switch

System Control V consists of Power Supply Unit / High + Mid + Bass + Fullrange Switch

System Control VI is a studio production quality unit which consists of Power Supply Unit / High + Mid + Bass + Satellite + Fullrange Switch


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