The Trafomatic Aries

It started innocently enough… there I was reading the review by 6moons about the new Trafomatic Audio Kaivalya tube amps when Srajan wrote that people should really talk to amp designers to build something specifically for them. Well that idea wouldn’t leave me alone. The idea rattled around in my head for weeks. Why settle for second best when I could get an amp designed specifically for the speakers I wanted to match it to? I wanted something to match the Hoyt-Bedford’s to perfection. To have energy and speed. To have single ended purity. There really was just one catch. It needed to be built to budget. A reasonable budget, but a budget nonetheless. No point selling well priced speakers if you don’t have an amplifier that is punching in at the same level.

I emailed Sasa from Trafomatic Audio. I told him what I wanted. I explained that these single drivers will expose any weakness that the amp has. It needs to be clean, it needs to be fast and it needs to transport the emotions of the performers into the room. The response was almost immediate and was very concise, the Trafomatic Audio Aries, Sasa had already worked out the design 12 months earlier. Single ended, Class A with EL34 tubes. Low power at 6 Watts wasn’t going to be an issue for the Hoyt-Bedford’s with their 97dB sensitivity and very easy load. I gave Sasa plenty of artistic license. Build it in whatever shape you wish. I put all of my trust in Sasa to make it work. I placed an order, sight unseen, sound unheard. The first shipment arrives just after Easter.

After a lot of phone calls and emails from customers demanding more information for this new series of amplifiers we are very proud to release the first official photos of what we expect to be an exceptional amplifier. Fit and finish already look to be of the outstanding Trafomatic Audio standard.